Writing Class

I have changed my blog domain… and no one knows.  It is rather nice to write in private… This semester I am taking a writing class – we are supposed to know our audience. At the moment, I know that I do not have an audience.

Anyway, we are also supposed to write everyday.  I usually write in my journal, but I thought I would take up the challenge to write on my blog much more often, if not everyday.

About the only thought that I can handle at present… do you feed a fever and starve a cold?  Yesterday afternoon I was slammed with both and have  spent a rather miserable twenty-four hours.  Now that I am out of bed for a bit… it seems that I want to feed a fever and feed a cold.  Three bowls of cold cereal – what a luxury.  It would be fun to eat like this more often….  When this fever is over I will make more of an effort (to write, not to eat).  I have to get the family ready and out the door in a couple hours to travel to San Antonio tonight – what bad timscreen-shot-2017-01-07-at-9-10-54-pming be sick!

This cupcake photo is completely unrelated, but there it was on my desktop.  As I eat my way through my kitchen, I am wishing someone would bring me a plate of cupcakes that look a lot like these… The photo is actually from a video that our family made a couple years ago – Cupcake Wars.  Now that I have to write more often, I may tell the whole story.  Stay tuned!

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