My Little Rock

I had a request this morning for the words of this poem.  The request was from Natalie.  She is the author, but I am the recipient and therefore, the words are now mine as well as hers.

She has told me the story of her writing; I wonder if I can get it right… This was written in 2014 during her bouts with shoulder and brain tumors.  She was sitting outside and noticed a rock under her hand.  The words of the poem came to her, she wrote them down and left them on my pillow.

Our property in Washing was very rocky – beautiful river rock as far as a tractor could dig!  We were in the old glacial flow of an ancient volcano.  I loved our rocks.

Our lives have many storms.  Trials that beat us down, round us out, smooth our rough edges, and eventually make us beautiful.

I love this poem.  Natalie is my little rock:

Little Rock

Little rock you are so smallandrus-37

    …and  yet the things you’ve seen

Little rock they pass you by

   …not knowing where you’ve been

Little rock you stand so still

   …unmoved by wind and rain

Little rock  you seem so sad

   …and yet you feel no pain

Little rock the wind and rain

   …eventually they will move

Little rock just look at you

   …the storm has made you smooth.


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