Focus on the Savior

It’s a matter of getting our head out of the fog!

I asked the question, “How do you focus on Christ?”  Women I admire provided the answers.

In November I was teaching a class on gratitude and happiness.  Preparation was showing that happiness is found when we focus our lives on the Savior.  I chose a few close friends and sent them a Facebook message with my  query.   They are women of different ages, backgrounds and faiths.  Here are some of their responses – with code names (Jane Austen style):

Miss M.W. (23 yrs old, Washington):  Pictures of him at work- in the mirror in the morning- on the background of your phone. If we’re supposed to be his hands and we pray that we can uplift the down trodden I like to focus on the savior when I know the natural man wants to take over. I like to focus on the savior in the car. We drive everyday. I turn off the music and just reflect. Beyond praying I forget to wait and be silent. And why does Sunday have to be the only day that we watch or listen to “Sunday appropriate things” and focus on the Savior? Shouldn’t that always be the priority? I think that’s what focusing on the Savior is all about. Obviously we still need to go to school and work and shop on the other days of the week but keeping the spirit of the Sabbath in our hearts will help us to keep our focus on the Savior throughout the week instead of just in Sunday.

Mrs. E.B. (Oregon):  When I am sewing pillowcases or hats or anything for the sick children in my sister’s PICU, I try to think that I am sewing for the Savior, so I want to do my best work. I also think having artwork depicting the Savior in prominent places in our homes is a constant reminder of Him.

Mrs. M.C. (Washington):  Growing up in a Christian home and coming to Christ in my younger years, I model what was taught in my church and family. Keep in God’s word, never stop learning or lose that desire to know your creator. Pray, pray and pray. Christ desires a personal relationship with his children. Build relationships that reflect Christ. Having friendships that you share your faith with brings encouragement, accountability and growth.

Mrs. L.W. (Washington):  Our family studies “Christlike Attributes” in Preach My Gospel book (like Ben Franklin’s values) – focus on one a month.  We have bedtime stories from Book of Virtues.   You study an attribute and try to emulate for a month. There’s the little test in the manual about what you are currently acting inthat attribute (self examination) and then you work on it…. Oh – and there’s that “40 days closer to Christ” that goes around at Easter time. You can look it up on Pinterest.

There are more – I will post them later.christ

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