Livonia – My New Hometown

A few years ago I had never heard of Livonia, NY – but I had also never known the names of my biological grandparents. What a miracle when a DNA test led us to discover my mom’s biological mother and father! They have both passed away but we now have a whole new set of aunts, uncles and cousins.

People often speak of the many aspects of the life of an adopted child. I know from experience that the children of an adopted individual also have questions. Not major issues – just unanswered questions. I will plan to write more (later) about some of our experiences in searching for and then (quite by accident) finding this new family. What intrigued me this week was Livonia.

Mark and I just had a couple of days in New York and they were so busy. We seemed to run from one place to another, but on our way back to Buffalo we found ourselves with an extra hour or two that we had not anticipated. We decided to alter our route and drive through Livonia. Both of my newly-discovered biological grandparents are from this charming little town. I have been here once before with my parents. As we drove through I was excited to pass the restaurant where I was privileged to meet my mom’s half-sister and several of my cousins. I remembered eating lunch at a very sweet little park and so we stopped there. We walked around the lake, enjoying a gorgeous autumn day and eating apples that we had just purchased from a farm along the way. Mark loved it as much as I did.

It was just that fast – a quick detour to a town I had only visited for a day a couple years ago. Nevertheless I felt so drawn to it. I have never met these grandparents and yet their blood flows in my veins. Is that the reason I love central New York state so much? I don’t really have memories here, I don’t really know the people, I’ve only driven on a couple streets… and yet… Is there some sort of instinct that we inherit? Nature vs nurture is an intriguing concept. Do I love a place because my ancestors loved it? I have many spots around the nation that I consider my hometown. Livonia is now on my list!

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