Father’s Day! – Men are my Favorite!

I was raised being told (and I believe) that God’s greatest creation, His crowning achievement, was His final creation… Woman! It is quite a notion; of all the countless creations – the animals, the insects, the trees, the rocks, the mountains, the seas, the deserts, the waterfalls and so much more… out of them all his final creation is the greatest. Countless creations – and if the final is the greatest then the second-to-final is right up there as well. Indeed, considering the numbers involved, I count them as equally great – Man and Woman. Male and Female. Different creatures and beautifully suited to one another. Balance.

Knowing this should we not work together, appreciate and celebrate one another? Undoubtedly this would be pleasing to God. Who is it then who is pleased when we view one another as competition and are at odds with one another? Only darkness. As one who prefers light – I prefer to celebrate the wonderful men in my life. Society should celebrate the wonderful men in our midst.

Is Father’s Day sufficient to tell the men in our lives that we love them? It is only one day. With the trend of devoting an entire month to various demographic groups – why not a month worth of telling decent men everywhere that we appreciate all that they do for us. A father who faithfully supports his wife and children in so many ways while balancing the many other demands in his life… this is a man who is worthy of celebration! Happy Fathers Day to every one of you! I want to include all future fathers and those who would be fathers if you were able. Good men! You make such an impact! You have my respect. You are appreciated!

I have more to say but would then be able to publish in time for Father’s Day. So here’s to my favorite men on the planet – my husband Mark, my dad Clem and my three sons Nathan (also a father), Greg and David. I love and admire each of them. They contribute so much to my life.

Thank you to good men everywhere! As God’s two most beloved creations we must work together to heal all that is broken in this struggling world. We are meant to be a team! Happy Father’s Day!!!

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