You Are A Beautiful Human

“You are a beautiful human!”

Those are the words our ECU PA spoke to Greg after just a few minutes in our room.  She was probably the most helpful person in our hospital experience today.  After several hours of waiting to talk to a doctor she came and told us that she would page them.  A few minutes later she returned with news!  Finally!

The news was that they were not going to see us but instead would send us home and please make an appointment for Tuesday.  The good news was that they would now let Greg have some food.  For Tuesday’s appointment Greg is to bring every bit of information that he has about his prosthetic.  He is also to call and update his Oregon and perhaps his California doctors.  We had assumed that the Utah doctor would do all of this himself, and perhaps he will.  Really, no one knows what to do… This isn’t much of an update.  So – now at home and scurrying about to leave again.

This time we are making a last-minute trip up to Jackson, Wyoming!  This is where Greg is currently working and since he has no pain and is able to support himself on crutches, he thought that he might as well go to work.  Since he cannot drive I offered to be his chauffeur.  Mark has been in Atlanta this week and should arrive home shortly.  When he does we will pack up a car and all head out on another adventure.  Mark and Kimberly can both work from there and we all hope to see some beautiful scenery.

Why did our PA call Greg a beautiful human?  Aside from simply talking with him- she was just really amazed at the “leg cake” that Greg created to commemorate the 7th anniversary of his surgery.  I am going to post the photos again as a reminder – so do not look if you are delicate.  The first one is his leg during surgery.  The second is a red velvet cake that you may recall… the rod is made from Rice Kristpie treats.  Prior to these photos I will add a before/after of his prosthetic X-rays as a buffer…  You may also like to see that it looks a bit like a light saber.  So cool!


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