Lighten Up 4 – Kitchen Counters & More

I’ve said enough about the kitchen countertops.  They are too brown, blah, blah, blah.  So here are the before and after photos.  The bonus was being able to also remodel the wet bar and one of our bathrooms with the leftover quartz.

Here I made the mistake that I would regret until the day I moved.  The island sink used to be large and round.  It had a 13 inch diameter – I know because I once dropped my 13 inch baking stone right down into it and it was almost impossible to recover.  They apologized when I complained that the new sink was too small – Next time I would have them cut the hole and get the larger sink I had requested.  I was too anxious to have my kitchen back – otherwise it was looking great.


From this day on I absolutely loved my kitchen – even with the small sink!  Here are a few other before/after photos of the dry bar…  No, never mind.  It would appear that I don’t have a very good “after” photo – but you get the idea.


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