Are Y’all Sisters?

“Excuse me, are y’all sisters?”IMG_7948

Obviously the question was directed toward us, rousing us from our reverie.  Seated on a bench overlooking the quaint but deserted town square in Paris, Texas, Jackie and I had already visited the somewhat-disappointing-yet-worth-the-trip Eiffel Tower and thought we would do a little window shopping.  Everything was closed down – we never got past the windows.  Thus we found ourselves basking in the sunshine and one another’s company when the question was presented.

“Excuse me, are y’all sisters?”IMG_7944

A sweet, elderly woman was walking her dog on the sidewalk behind us.  We both turned and told her, “No, we are mother and daughter.”

She laughed and explained that we looked like sisters from behind (obviously not from the front… just a bit of an age difference) and she wanted to tell us to make the most of our time together.  She had lost her sister three years ago and still missed her every day.   Pleasantries were exchanged and she went on her way, but her words remained.  They haunt me every day – urging me to make the most of my time with everyone that is important to me.

It is so easy to go through my days – staying busy and accomplishing everything that I set out to do – but what good are those days if I am not building, rebuilding or strengthening relationships with those I love?  And I love so many!!

Speaking of sisters… I received a text from my sister a few days ago.  “Where is your blog?”  Here it is – revived because my sister told me to.  (We tend to boss each other around, she is more subtle than I.)  She has been a best friend of mine longer than anyone else on this planet and I hope to never be without her – Let the world know that I love Lori!


Since that warm August day in Paris, TX I have made a mental list of the many, many individuals that I love, cherish and never want to be without.  Am I taking the advice of the dear old woman walking her dog?  Am I making the most of our time together?
Not as well as I should – are you?

One thought on “Are Y’all Sisters?

  1. Too bad I wasn’t with you two! We could REALLY have confused them since everyone thinks she’s MY daughter!
    Love you FOREVER and infinity!!


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