That Old Familiar Song

Yesterday, Kimberly (now 16) mentioned how it is almost fun to be back in the hospital because it is such a familiar environment.  Having already written about this, my mind has been focused on another aspect of familiarity.  It is like that old familiar song which plays through my mind and reminds me of times gone by.  If you are reading this blog post today I would say that you are a part of this song.

We have so much happening in our lives we hadn’t taken a lot of effort to think about the upcoming surgery.   Thursday morning I awoke with those feelings of heaviness – the kind when you cannot think straight and it is an effort to breathe… if you don’t know that kind of stress then you just haven’t lived long enough.  As I knelt in morning prayer I implored my Father in Heaven to share my burden and bring the strength that I have experienced in the past and that I know is not my own.

And the music began to play….

Mark and I left the kids to enjoy time with their older siblings while we drove north for a  day of clinic and pre-op visits at different locations.  The rest of our time we spent enjoying time together with a movie, consignment store shopping,  eating more Italian food than we thought possible, and a nice walk to enjoy the sunset.  What a beautiful day it turned out to be.

I drifted through Friday and Saturday – the music was not only familiar, it was angelic.  As I sat alone I had my share of concerns, but I also had more than my share of peace.  I do not believe that I was ever alone, I believe that angels do attend us.  Soon I was surrounded by angels that I could see.  Dear friends from Washington and Texas joined us throughout the day bringing conversation, support and nourishment.  Four of our children came with a stuffed animal and balloons.  It was so much fun to see how Mark really perked up while they were in the room with him!!!  Even his best friend from high school came by.  Words of support, love and prayers were sent our way via social media – and how I appreciate each one!  Friends from around the nation, from so many different circles – all matter so much.  When we returned from the hospital my parents were ready with a warm meal.

The love and support of angels, both seen and unseen, provide that old familiar song.  This incredible answer to the prayers of many is familiar because, deep down, we can all recognize this kind of strength and this kind of peace.  It comes from our Father – I am his daughter and I believe that he has provided this as a means to remind me who I really am, how much he loves me and why it is that I want to return to Him.  It is familiar because I belong to Him.

Trials provide excellent opportunity to tone down our worldly cares and begin to hear the music of our true home.

And, of course, my update is that Mark is home and in his words, “doing remarkably well.”  He is tired and sore, but able to walk around quite well.  He is in excellent spirits – though wishing the next couple of weeks could go by a bit more quickly.  He was able to sleep peacefully through the night without having all of the hospital interruptions.

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