32 Staples Across His Head

Three people, three procedures, one day. As usual, I am sitting in the waiting room. Natalie is downstairs having a couple MRIs. Jackie is in the recovery room. Mark is on an airplane.  His procedure is later today in Dallas where he will be on his own. He has been walking around with thirty-two staples across his head.

Fortunately Mark has a full head of hair to mask the eight-inch “yin-yang” scar that circles across head.  (I’m now with Jackie. Her surgeon said that everything looks normal and she is eating crackers.)  Anyway, the removal of two benign skin lesions became rather intense.  It began on a Friday.  They had to send him home with a hole in his head for the weekend.  I would post photos but…  they are not pleasant.  It wasn’t until Tuesday that he was able to return for closure – which then became… actually the story isn’t exactly pleasant either…  So I’m skipping to the staples.  He was awake during the several hours of cutting, numbing, peeling, reconstructing, etc.  He then drove himself home (he assured me he didn’t have to be there  – you would think I would’ve learned by now…  we never go by-the-book).

Here’s the thing.  Mark is like the energizer bunny!  Though it seems minor in comparison, this surgery has been one of his most difficult recoveries. Nevertheless,  not only did he continue to work from home, the next week Mark accompanied about sixteen young men on a “high-adventure” trip in the Ozarks.  Rafting, caving, zip lining.  Why did he go?  Because that is who he is.  Others come up with excuses why they cannot, but Mark finds a way.

This is my point.   Father’s Day came and  several friends posted about “hitting the jackpot” when they found their husband (all true) – so… I have to say that, with Mark, I hit the motherlode!!  Pure gold!!  What a guy!

No gushing – I will just give one example.  Many years ago, when young in his career, there was a lot of pressure to golf with the guys or pick up other time-consuming hobbies. Though he participates in and enjoys a variety of activities, he made a conscious decision.  His #1 hobby was going to be: his family.  Lucky us!  He has been true to his word and his children all know it.  So do I.

(Natalie is done with her MRIs and we are waiting for Jackie to be discharged).

A few hours later – we are back to our hotel.  Both girls saw our Huntsman oncologist – we have a smattering of appointments and tests over the next few weeks – all just screening.  Summer fun.

Mark just texted me.  He is waiting for his appointment in Dallas.  Hoping that all goes well.  I’m sorry that I am not sitting there with him – or that I don’t have a nice dinner waiting at home.  Maybe ice cream – I just checked and the weather report is 97 – feels like 110 with humidity.  Lovely.

So – if Mark reads this soon… stop for some ice cream and celebrate the absence of staples – and the absent family that loves you back!  Pure gold!!!895c4-p1030661




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