Preserved and Delivered

Following up… The past day or so has been so interesting.  I hesitated for so long to say anything about the lawsuit… and it felt pretty good to finally vent a little.  The amazing thing is that I have since heard of so many friends that have been or are currently going through similar issues.  The shocking thing to all of us has been – not exactly the experience —-but the fact that “there are people capable of such deceit and lies.”  I am so blessed to know and associate with such good people!!

A dear friend and her family are going through a hard time right now (not a lawsuit).  It came very suddenly and now they find themselves in a very difficult situation.  Despite the circumstances, she expressed to me the faith that governs her life and the peace that she feels as a result.  This is my kind of talk!!  I told her that perhaps she was having this trial just so that she could be an example to the rest of us of how to behave when life is tough.  I am glad that she speaks out, and I guess that is why I write.

The deal is… this rotten situation – well,  it has actually enriched our lives.  I desperately want it to be over, but I would not change it and I am living through it in peace (despite the knot in my stomach).

A few months ago I was reading in the scriptures and words seemed to jump off the page.  It was about the Israelites leaving Egypt.  These verses spoke of them being preserved by the Lord while in captivity, and then, (much later), being delivered by the Lord.  I have since seen this concept spoken of in other places and the message burns right into my heart.

We will face hard times, but if we turn to the Lord he will PRESERVE us.  We will find the strength to deal with it.  We will discover courage.  We will have friends come into our lives at the right moment.  We will learn to trust God.  We will be more ready to serve others when we are needed.

Eventually, we will be DELIVERED.


The lawyer said that the judge’s decision could come any time between March 31 and six months later.  We have waited several months just to get this date.  I am praying it will not be pushed back again.  I am asking that anyone who prays will please remember this family in Texas who wishes to be delivered from their “bondage” in Washington.  Please pray for our judge to recognize truth and for justice to prevail.  Please pray that we may be preserved until the time of our deliverance.   Please pray for all of your friends and family who are struggling.  I have faith in the prayers of my friends.  I know the difference that it can make.  (I am working on praying specifically for my friends by name/circumstance.  I hope that it is working also.)

Then, think of your own troubles.  Can you see the Lord’s hand in preserving you?  If so – then you will see you have reason to be grateful.  If not, ask Him.  Can you trust that deliverance is in your future?

I do not like the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  I believe that difficult things happen to good people.  They happen to bad people too.  The beautiful thing is that good people have the strength and resources to get through it.  To be preserved until the day of their deliverance.

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