Family & Friends, Angels, & Ancestors – Sticking Together

Recently, I wrote about our family “sticking together” – one little stick on its own is weak… a bundle of them together is strong and hard to break.  One our own we may be weak, together we are hard to break.  These past weeks I know that our family is more than eight strong… we are supported by many friends; each one adding a stick to our little bundle…
A friend brings my family dinner while I am out of town… add a stick…
A friend sends a fun care-package from home… add a stick…
A friend who babysat my kids (and taught them piano) over ten years ago has grown up, moved to Utah and came to visit with treats at the hospital… add a stick…
A friend from home who moved to Utah a few months ago visited in the hospital brought treats and a back massager and twice took David to spend time with their family… add a stick (or two)
A friend who is carrying a heavy burden of her own covers for me and runs a youth activity I was supposed to be in charge of last week… add a big stick
Exactly the same scenario with another friend for last night… another big stick…
Friends send their love… stick, stick, stick…
Friends pray… stick, stick, stick.
Family doing what family does (all over the nation)… strong sticks added to the bundle

We have been strong and supported, and we have quite a team on our side!  Thank you to all of our friends.

My dad pointed out something that I thought was beautiful – we were discussing this blog.  I was also saying that I know there are angels all around and somehow supporting us.  He reminded me that I have grandmothers and aunt from Mark’s side of the family which are aware of us.  These ladies also had children with Li Fraumeni Syndrome – they know how it is to watch their loved ones suffer.  They are aware of me and my family, and they are also on our side.  I have enjoyed that thought all week.

Now – an update.  I have been having quite a technology nightmare.  I am borrowing Greg’s computer – trying to do my online homework has been awful and I will have several hours of catching up before midnight Saturday… hopefully computers at home will cooperate.  Anyway – I do have photos, but they will have to wait (sorry Mark, haha).
Greg was a superstar!  Last Saturday he found out that he would get a certificate on his hospital door if he could walk a mile, and suddenly he was able (like getting stickers on a chart – you never outgrow that!).  It was no problem to come home on Sunday.  He has been taking it easy – Grandma’s house has a recliner that works well for recovering.  The weather has been nice so that he can walk down the street.  He can eat whatever he wants… and for the first time in a year he has found his appetite.  I had really suspected that he would be limited to jello until he moved up to applesauce… we just shared some pizza.  I love knowing that he can eat – and is eating.  Everyone has noticed that he has color in his cheeks again, and we are all looking forward to a return to health.
Greg has a few weeks until he meets with his oncologist – to me that means almost a month of eating before any sort of chemotherapy takes away his appetite – and then it will be temporary.
I was supposed to be driving home today, but elected to stay when they scheduled an appointment for tomorrow – we should learn about his tumor/cancer staging and discuss future treatments.  The appointment is in the morning and then David and I will hit the road.  Greg should be back in his apartment this weekend and plans to be in class on Tuesday and at work on Wednesday… I am so grateful that I could be here, but I am very anxious to be home with Mark, Natalie and Kimberly.  I feel completely and totally wiped out.
All good news…
And more good news this week… our long-awaited Li Fraumeni test results are in for Nathan!  He is NEGATIVE!!  What a great sigh of relief!!  I celebrated with him by eating our favorite little tacos in Provo along with a large horchata (one of the only drinks that tempts me away from water)… then a couple packs of Costco muffins for his freezer… He took a date to dinner the night before to celebrate… I am getting rather hungry… perhaps I should find Nathan and celebrate again.  I am on BYU campus – maybe a visit to the creamery… a blueberry fritter in the Wilkinson Center…. chocolate covered cinnamon bears in the bookstore….so many options – luckily he is always hungry…

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