A Great Night

We had a system at Doernbecher to ensure the most peace and quiet in the morning.  I would leave my curtain drawn over the “parent” section of the room and Greg would lay in his bed.  We would quietly converse until we heard a knock on the door – then he would close his eyes as if asleep until he knew who was entering.  He always “woke up” but whoever it was would quietly go about their business and leave.  Between housekeeping, aides, nurses, nurse practitioners, and at least one team of doctors… mornings were always very busy.

The view from Huntsman as we checked in yesterday.
Here we were this morning right back in our old routine without even thinking.  After a few “visitors” he realized I was also awake.  His first words were, “I had a great night!”  What good news.  He was up in a chair twice during the night.  A heating pad and an icy-hot patch helped relieve the back pain.  He drank a large glass of Power Ade and had a little jello and Italian ice.
Here is what I think is amazing – the surgeon came by today… advanced his diet to “as tolerated” and told him his goal today was to do 12 laps of the floor (this equals one mile).
Yesterday my mom was telling me that when my grandmother had colon cancer (about 50 years ago) she was in the hospital for 6 weeks with an open wound.  A drain came out of the wound and emptied into a bedside jar.  Last week my mother-in-law was describing my father-in-law’s colon cancer/surgical experience.  It included a long hospital stay and a mild, bland diet for quite some time.  That was about 35 years ago I think.
Sunrise across the valley as I read in the lobby this morning.
If you have to be sick, this is a wonderful time to be sick… I am still all astonishment when I see his small incision. (“All astonishment” – name the movie!)
 Currently I am in a lobby enjoying the view while he sleeps.  The catheter is out and his PCA pump is discontinued.  I think the new IV pain med has him wiped out, and it is good for him to sleep so soundly.  He has also had a few bits of saltines!  Hooray!!
For some reason our room is some sort of internet vortex.  Yesterday our devices that had coverage kept that coverage for awhile.  Today I have had to hike around to find coverage – hopefully it will last for awhile. (I have a lot of online homework to figure out before tomorrow night.)
Not too bad – the view from my couch-bed.
 There is a lot of sadness in the faces of families as they are in the hallways.  Yesterday we met a friend of my mom’s who was here with his son (my age).  His son had brain surgery last week and has still not woken up.  How my heart goes out to all of them.  It is very humbling to have everything going so well for us… and I am soooo grateful.
It is possible that Greg will be able to go home on Sunday, though we will have to see if he meets the requirements.  Dr. Schiffman (Li Fraumeni Specialist) came to see us last night and would not be sad to see us here on Monday so that they can take a little more of Greg’s blood for testing.  This would have to do with the elephant studies… I will have to write more about that later… It’s pretty cool.

One thought on “A Great Night

  1. Please send our love to the patient! He is in our prayers. I couldn't help but cry reading your last few blog posts. Thank you so much for sharing or we wouldn't have known he was in the hospital. Our family is planning on visiting SLC next month and will have to visit him while we're in town. Praying he has a speedy recovery. Thinking of you all.

    The Vanisi Family from SF


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