A Bridge Over Troubled Water

I have now blogged about a deep pit and a chasm… When we were in the thick of Bone Cancer with Greg, someone told us that cancer is a bridge.  Here is what I wrote then:

A Bridge Over Troubled Water – the water is the cancer – it is dangerous and must be dealt with.  The bridge is offered, but it is a covered bridge – long and dark, but with a light at the end.  The Journey enters the bridge and exits on the other side, with light on either side.  The bridge is the treatment with its ensuing pain, nausea, and other dark points of treatment such as no social life, wheelchair, school online, etc.  Exiting the bridge we see that the road continues – and there is a turn in the road; we cannot know what lies ahead but must press forward.
October 2010
Here is Greg at the start of his cancer journey.   He is just beginning to lose his hair.  He is acting like he is surprised to find this large bone tumor on his leg.  He used to love to ask people if they wanted to see his tumor and of course they would say yes.  He would tell them to look closely because it was hard to see and they would lean in close.  He would slowly pull up his pant leg and.. What a shock!!  It was pretty awful.
Thinking about what I had written regarding the bridge… I guess that your eyes adjust to the darkness while in the middle of it all.  As Greg begins his journey, the light is beginning to dim.  His sense of humor never did dim – it was the light for all of us.

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