Wrap It Up – 16

Let’s wrap up this trip – Monday we drove to Cesky Krumlov on the southern Czech border.  We had a fun hotel – a room in the old guard’s tower.  We couldn’t get checked in and were there by 12:30 so we walked around the old village (the whole places is another UNESCO site).  We were hungry – I looked at a Czech restaurant with offerings such as beef cheek and rabbit.  Just couldn’t do that so we found Italian.

We were so full from lunch and tired from walking – we rested all afternoon and then went to find some food around 8:00.  The whole place seemed shut down.  We walked up and down streets and finally found a delicious little spot.  We both ordered tomato soup and dessert.  This makes the narrative because this soup was the best!  I thought the Poland soup was the best I’d had but this topped it.  We were still talking about it the next morning!

Mid-morning on Monday I had my first thoughts of wanting to go home.  I was relieved because my only thoughts have been that I just want to keep on going.  Monday we were both so tired and home was sounding good.  That night we enjoyed our walk and our soup and didn’t want to go home at all.

Tuesday we were up and on our way to Munich.  The road is just beautiful and we didn’t have a border check.  After finding an underground parking garage we wandered around old town Munich.  So beautiful!  We wandered around the open market and enjoyed our final sausage/bun as we say goodbye to Germany.  We both liked the sites but agree that we prefer the small towns.  In the same breath we talk about returning to Krakow.

A quick trip to a grocery store for snacks, repack suitcases to please the airlines and we spent a little time downloading some shows for the plane.  We were up at 6:00 which I am now realizing is 10 pm in Utah.  So as I sit here in New York we’ve essentially stayed up all night.  Our flight was amazing – in our mid-economy section there were 11 people.  We weren’t trying to sleep so we watched four movies and it went by rather quickly for us.

As I am typing we are eating our door-dash Chinese food (our hotel is in a sketchy neighborhood) and watching The Great British Baking show to stay awake just a little longer as we prepare to get back into routine.

What an amazing vacation we have had.  We’ve seen so much and had such good experiences.  This world is so full of people.  We have had many insights about many things.  We’ve mostly enjoyed being together. It will be good to be home. If we could go back to just one place we both agree… Poland!!

Photos – Mostly Cesky Krumlov which is very picturesque. Look at Mark’s pizza (best crust EVER) – we were glad we weren’t sharing because… who would get the olive piece? The round tower was our hotel.

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