The Schwangau Castles – 4

True to their word Mark and Greg were up and to the ticket booth by 0700 for an hour of waiting in the cold.  There were already fifteen people ahead of them.  Mark had to run back to the hotel for our immunization cards, but there was plenty of time.

A note on traveling during Covid.  First of all we were so happy that borders had opened!  With the new variants we had been watching the news closely – hoping that our plans would not be canceled.  In order to get into Germany we just needed proof of vaccination as well as pre-registering for approval to enter the country.  Each time we go into a restaurant or hotel we have to show proof of vaccination and register ourselves as having visited. They have an app but we keep forgetting to download it (no cellular data as per our choice) so we have to fill our a registration form.  Of course we are wearing masks indoors.  We are happy to comply with all of the rules in order to be able to travel!

The boys returned just as we began our breakfast and then we headed to Hohenshwangau – the original castle of these parts.  I think it was built in the 12th century but had been left to ruins when it was discovered and rebuilt by Kind Maximillian who was thrilled to find it and like the romantic notion of living in a medieval castle – especially in such a great setting.

We finally made it to a grocery store between castle visits.  We had been in Germany too many days without stocking up on chocolate!  We went to get some bread from the bakery (and hot chocolate) and decided to buy some sandwiches to eat there.  We went to sit at a table and the guy behind the counter freaked out at us but we didn’t understand him.  Yikes – we had almost sat down without him seeing our vaccination cards… we showed him and all was well.

Neuschwanstein Castle is a favorite.  It takes about 40 minutes to walk up the hill.  It was raining on us but we had our umbrellas and once again just enjoyed the beautiful forests.  My favorite part of this tour is the balcony.  The bridge is closed so we weren’t able to walk up there and take those great photos. Speaking of photos – I know other family members took a lot more (and better) photos today but we haven’t shared with each other yet… so I am sharing what I have.

We were pretty tired and happy to eat at our hotel – but on the way we remembered a pretty little spot on the river near Fussen.  We stopped there for a very quick walk. Quiet time in our hotel  rooms is actually one of our favorite activities.  The boys watched a show about King Ludwig, Jackie read her book and I slept.  I include this nap in the daily activity blog because it made me so happy! I am just so grateful that we are able to be here together. I love to travel and be with family! Especially with such beautiful sites and great food.

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