Lighten Up 5 – Texas Bathrooms1

Here is an entry that I found in my “drafts” folder.  It was incomplete but I will add a few photos and post it so that I never forget.  I see that it is titled ” Bathrooms 1″ so I am supposing I was planning to write more than one post.  That house had a lot of bathrooms…..

Though the previous owner graciously offered to sell me the custom-made zebra shower curtain for $100, I just had to decline.  My vision for this guest bathroom was slightly different than zebras.

The first thing I did was to paint the walls a pale pink which I never really liked.  The cabinets were painted white and distressed.  This helped, but eventually it all had to go.  The walls were painted Stonington Gray, the trim was white, and the cabinet black.  The ceramic hexagons on the floor resembled carrara marble and the new white shower sparkled!

This is a small guest bath off of the game room which also had a door onto the patio.  These are the only photos that I can find and I am so sorry that I didn’t take a picture after it was completed!  I love the quartz countertop which was made with material left over from the kitchen remodel.  I painted the small ceiling blue – similar to the color of the vanity.  The stained concrete floor was also in the game room so we left it alone.  Such a bummer that I don’t have more photos.

This upstairs guest bath has even fewer photos, but the project was simple. I essentially painted those terrible brown walls a nice cream color and hung a cream and aqua striped shower curtain. The dark wood vanity was painted black which helped the countertop to lighten up. The main thing in each of these three bathrooms was to get rid of the giant cupboard over the toilets. They were great for storage but very out of proportion. In this bathroom it meant repairing the tile.

When I look at this final bathroom I mostly recall that I was listening to “Ben Hur.” I think that it is a 23 hour book and this only took a couple of hours, but the photos bring back emotions stirred by the story. I love that about audiobooks!

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