Cancer Updates

Dusting off the ol’ blog… again. Working so hard on updating a couple houses hasn’t exactly left time for the computer. I’ll write more about that later. Right now I have just a couple quick cancer updates:

First of all, my incognito cancer child has had good news – chemotherapy is working and the lung tumors have essentially disappeared. The therapy itself continues without a break – infusions every three weeks followed by two weeks of morning and nighttime pills. If treatment stops and tumors reappear it would be much more difficult to tackle. Therefore, the side effects persist but have become a normal part of life. And life is very good. Indeed I believe that few people, at this age or any other age, enjoy life quite as well as this individual!

Secondly let’s talk about Jackie. Though she has had a few cancer-related issues over the past couple of years that we have chosen to not discuss, it is now time for an update. Scans this year revealed some growth in a brain tumor but after more testing we have decided to watch it carefully for a few more months. She is scheduled to graduate next April so… as long as there are no symptoms we will not worry about this one for now.

However, symptoms for the bone tumor in her upper right arm (which we have been watching) were becoming quite painful. Timing worked out well and she was able to have the tumor removed on the day before Thanksgiving. Still awaiting the lab results, we are counting on our surgeon being correct when he said the tissue looks benign. With her classes going online this week she is able to stay at home and begin her recovery. She will have ten weeks without lifting more than five pounds. For now her pain is diminishing and she has begun to use her right arm. It could have been much worse.

The really good news about her surgery was that the hospital changed its COVID-19 visitor policy just in time. I was able to accompany her during both pre-op and post-op time. Imagine that we used to take such small human interactions for granted!!

For the record – all other 2020 scans are clear!

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