Father’s Day

Yesterday we celebrated fathers everywhere. For my two honored men (husband and father) I made a top notch steak dinner and Mark’s favorite carrot cake. Our daughters were all here for dinner and Mark was able to take a nap in his spare time.  It was a good day.

I am one of a rare breed – those who believe in the Fourth Commandment to remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy.  Yesterday I mused that really every Sunday is Father’s Day.  Our Heavenly Father’s Day!   Just as we worked to make Father’s Day special for the dads in our lives, shouldn’t we work to make the Sabbath special for our God?

This may take on many different meanings for many different people.  I was so touched a year ago to read The Gift of Rest by Senator Joe Lieberman.  He shares his Jewish beliefs and lifestyle as they relate to the Sabbath.  I am not a Jew and I do not observe the Sabbath in the same manner as Joe Lieberman – but I was very inspired to be more prepared and devoted in my own Sabbath observance and worship.

For my entire lifetime I have refrained from shopping, recreation, etc. on Sunday.  A few years ago I took some college classes and experimented with not doing homework on Sunday – it was great.  A day of rest from work of all kinds is a welcome part of our week.  After reading Senator Lieberman’s book I have worked on my Sabbath preparation – though not perfectly consistent I try to have my house in order and most of our dinner prepared the evening before.  I try to make a special dessert for Sunday (also prepared on Saturday).  As a family we are more careful with the media we allow into our home and we take time to share scriptures together as well as spiritual insights. Games are more likely to be a part of our evening and we often find our home filled with friends who join us for dinner. Corona quarantine has given us a great opportunity to have more spiritual discussions together in place of attending church.

As the title of this book suggests – the Sabbath with its ensuing rest is a gift.  A day of peace and rest from daily cares is truly a gift.  As a child I thought it was more of a punishment or a strict rule.  Now I know it is a blessing.  It is a joy.  When my children were young they would ask me why neighbors or people we passed on the street were out doing particular activities on a Sunday?  I never wanted them to think poorly of others who chose to live life differently than us – and this was a good chance to explain that they simply don’t know that Sabbath worship can be a part of their lives.

For myself – I have a way to go before I consistently get it right.  I do know, however, that when I try I am repaid manyfold.  Rejuvenated, restored and ready for the rest of my week.

How grateful I am to know about the Gift of Rest in Sabbath observance.  This year I am particularly grateful that I thought of it as a weekly Heavenly Father’s Day.  As I thought of ways that I could spend the day showing honor Mark and my dad – I can now think of ways that I can spend the day showing honor to my God.

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