A Screw Loose….

Nine years of metal rubbing on metal takes 3.5 hours to clean up.  That seems to be what took most of the time during Greg’s surgery on Wednesday.  It is also what is causing most of the pain now.  Initially we understood that there was a loose screw that was replaced.  However, we received this photo from Greg yesterday – so apparently there was a bit of his “tibia” that was also replaced.  No doubt he was glad about this because it means that he has a souvenir to add to his collection.  I think it looks very cool and I am so grateful for the people who work hard and develop this type of technology!  What a great time to be alive!!


Another report from Greg is that when he puts the parts together and jiggles them he can hear the sound that he thought he was hearing last summer.  I remember him wondering if a part had come loose because his leg occasionally made a rattling sound.  Nine years from now he will know what to do when the sound returns.

This is a long-distance update because Mark and I have changed roles as I travel and he sits in the waiting rooms.  Our original plan was to have him meet me this weekend but there is more leg pain than anticipated and he has stayed home to assist Greg as needed.  I think that they are both looking forward to the time together.  I notice that when Mark is with his sons they chatter nonstop.  Surely it is a relief for him – since Kimberly is the last child at home and we live so near Jackie and Natalie, Mark often feels overwhelmed and outnumbered by women.  He has learned that mothers, daughters, and sisters have that mysterious female ESP and he is not always able to tune in to our communication.  Then one of the sons shows up and the floodgates of male conversation open wide.  So I am sure that they are getting along just fine.

Back to the topic on hand – Surgery took 3.5 hours and they spent the night in the hospital.  They also spent most of the next day working with physical therapy, etc.  They returned home late Thursday afternoon.  Greg will take a little more time off work than originally planned, but is looking forward to life’s return to normal.  Our minds are still spinning with the blessings we have encountered this week.  Mentally I had blocked out March and April as waiting times for the surgery.  (This would have been the case if his custom-made section of tibia had been damaged, but it wasn’t.)  The fact that surgery has come and gone and the fix was about as simple as it could be just blows my mind.  I am deeply grateful to family and friends who offer prayers on our behalf.  I feel the power and I feel the peace.    I am hopeful than anyone who is suffering in any way will seek to know what I know – That God hears and answers our prayers.  If all you can do is hope for these answers, it is certainly worth the experiment!  All that can happen is that it works!  Sometimes the outcome is not what we would choose – but even in that case you can still have peace.  I cannot explain how it works but I can share that it does work!


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