Mind Bogglingly Beautiful!!

The miracle that supersedes all other miracles!!  It blows my mind! The God of the Universe condescending to come to Earth as a helpless baby.  Bible scholars have described this Christ Child video as the most accurate portrayal of this event ever made – and I love it.

Please watch (17 minutes) and pay attention to the magi (the wise men).  I love when these wise and powerful men come and kneel before the young child.  They recognize him and worship him as their Savior.

Just look at that adorable young child and think of him growing and experiencing every thing that we know He went through.  Think how He alone has within him the power to save every person who has ever lived on Earth.  No wonder the Wise Man reacts as he does.  Mind boggling!

When the little baby in swaddling clothes kicks his feet I just want to reach out and hold him.  I want to embrace him.  I want to bring him home with me.

Wow – another miracle.  This is exactly what that that baby, now my Lord and Savior, invites me to do!.  On Christmas and every day of the year I can hold Him, I can embrace Him, and He can be in my home.

Joy to the World!

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 1.52.45 PM



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