Edible In-Op Photo-op….?

Who says tibial implant surgery isn’t fun??  Not for the faint of heart – if you are familiar with Greg’s infamous surgical photo… and do not want to see it again… STOP NOW!  Otherwise, this is a quick read.

After my last post, there was a little chatter amongst my Facebook friends – some relief that I had not posted the in-op photo… and then a bit of a challenge – could Greg create a cake that could adequately celebrate the anniversary of which I wrote?  Over the past year he has created several delicious wedding cakes for friends (don’t ask – he is done with that), a hamburger cake for his grandmother’s birthday, and he coached the family to create a giant baked potato cake during the holidays.

Oh my goodness – those look yummy!

So… rising to the challenge… Greg and Jackie have done it again.  The previous cakes were copied from a favorite Youtube channel, but Greg’s leg is an original. With the photo as a guide they gathered supplies and got to work.  Without further adieu, I give you their creation:

Looks yummy??  This is completely edible! Compare the cake with the actual leg:


Who will be the lucky friends who get to bite into that one??  Of course it is a red velvet cake… hmmm, I just noticed that tendon…  I would definitely require some Tillamook ice cream on the side…

You will recall how we taught our kids that it is important to laugh?

Check out how it was done:

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