What Would a Holy Woman Do?

A lovely evening – food, friends and entertainment.  Dinner to fill our bellies, friends to fill our lives, speakers to fill our souls.

Our first speaker was a young mother with five children.  Her children are very lucky to have her as a mom – her topic was “unplug” and she shared her experience of bringing her family’s use of technology under control, especially her own.  Then we heard from another beautiful young mother of six – she addressed the topic of getting up, getting ready and getting going. This is obviously something that she does well.  Next was everyone’s favorite grandma – really, to know her is to hug her.  She encouraged us to slow down for the important things and to be a good friend.  Our fourth speaker has three teenage children.  She is new to the area but has already stolen our hearts with her stunning smile – and what a surprise… her topic was “smiling!”  She has actually practiced smiling since she was six years old and we couldn’t help but be inspired by her story.

Our final speaker brought it all together.  We had heard about managing technology so that we could really live again, doing our best every day, slowing down, being a good friend and smiling – what did these have in common?  These are all ways in which a “holy woman” would behave.

What Would a Holy Woman Do?

My sister first introduced me to this book by Wendy Watson Nelson.  Wendy addresses the issue of holiness and invites us to live as a Holy Woman for just three days.  The book has a short introduction and then several examples of women who have taken this challenge.   It is simple.  Take a moment each day for three days to think about whatever it is that you are doing.  Then ask yourself,  “What would a Holy Woman do?” and apply your response to what you were already doing.  This could be done while planning your day, driving in traffic, standing in line at the store, doling out discipline, talking to your husband, etc.  You could ask this question when there has been a misunderstanding or you feel you have been treated unjustly.  It isn’t difficult to know the answer, and it isn’t really difficult to apply it.  The great discovery is that holiness can be a part of our every day life!!!

When I shared this concept with my friend yesterday she did not hesitate.  “Oh, I will go and polish my silver.  I hate to polish silver and I have been putting it off, but I think that a Holy Woman would just go and do it!”

Our specific challenge presented that evening was to read the book (we have three copies to share), complete the three-day challenge, record our experience in a journal (three journals are being passed along with the books), and then give it to someone else.

Obviously this concept of being holy would apply to men as well – but this particular challenge is in our women’s organization…

Three days is not enough time to become “holy” – this is a challenge that we will never fully accomplish in this life.  But when my sister first told me of the idea a couple years ago I was intrigued.  I’ve done it a couple times, and now hearing it presented in such a beautiful manner – I’ve been inspired again.  Even if I only improve myself once a day for three days – I will have improved myself just a bit!  Imagine if everyone was doing this!

What would a holy woman (or man) do?  You know the answer – Try the challenge and enjoy your new and improved life!

Here is a link to the book on Amazon.  I thought it was a little pricey for such a small book, especially when the concept is so simple.  Yet I am glad that I own a copy.

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