Painting and Painting and Painting and…


One year ago, around the first weekend of October, Mark and I drove for three days… arriving on Sunday night.  We drove his truck and hauled a small trailer with just enough possessions to give him a semblance of comfort in our new home… and painting supplies!

Monday morning in our new home – Mark donned a tie to begin his work at his new office, and I donned my lovely painting clothes.  I knew I had just one day in town and no form of transportation, so I began to make our new house into our new home.

Replacing the built-in bookshelves would be fun, but rather a silly expenditure when they are sturdy and functional.. but what is the deal with that dead space at the top?  Anyway – I had one day to work, and it was a day well spent!  These were now bookshelves that I could live with.

Everything in our house was brown and for many people it would be beautiful.  I appreciate the style, but it is not my own.  Note: Even the ceilings were brown!!  It was very much like living in a brown grocery bag!  Made me crazy…

My sweet husband lived alone for two months.  Whenever he was in town, he was painting.  He painted the walls and the ceilings in the three main living areas.  What a transformation!!

Most of our ceilings are still brown, though very few of our walls.  This is a huge project, but we are plugging away, little by little.  It didn’t help that I was gone for eight weeks this summer!

When we bought our house we thought that the trim was a nice cream color.  When we painted the walls we discovered that it was more of a tan/almond.  Yuck.  So… we have begun that process as well.

We also thought that the kitchen cabinets were a creamy, antiqued color.  Painted walls turned them a sickly yellowish antiqued color.  I will post before/after kitchen photos soon.  I love it!

My entire upstairs is covered in drop cloths and masking tape.  Raising six kids has taught me to live in chaos and to me, it is worth the chaos!  I love the transformation.  I often stop whatever I am doing to go into our latest “project room” and just breathe deeply.  It is energizing!


This bathroom is still
a work progress…

A coat of paint on the
mantle is a quick fix
until I come up with
another idea…
Spray paint and new globes
transformed our bathroom lights.

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