Blee & the Eagles

Someone recently reminded me that the stress of moving is equivalent to having a death in the family.  This helps explain why I am living in slow motion – I think I am still recovering from those last crazy weeks.  Most of this was my own fault – I wanted to see and spend time with everyone that I loved… and I couldn’t leave town without painting my friend’s kitchen cabinets, or any number of other projects which I felt driven to accomplish.

One of my all-time favorite photos!

One big one – David’s Court of Honor.  He had earned his Eagle Scout Award several months before, and he was just waiting for his best friend to complete his paperwork so that they could celebrate together.   Looking at the calendar one day we realized it would probably not be possible — but never say that to my friend Heidi, she pulled out all the stops and her son began making phone calls.  Thanks to many helpful people, he completed his paperwork.
Time was up – we were moving – but… Heidi and I both don’t like to be told we cannot do something that we really want to do – and so… on the first day of moving we asked our movers to leave early so that we could all go down to the church and celebrate the hard work of these two Eagle Scouts.

New Years Day hike along
Columbia River

That evening was even sweeter than we had anticipated because Kimberly had also been working hard.  She had earned her Young Woman’s Medallion and so we were able to add her to the program.  Having spent so many childhood years together, it was fitting that we celebrate together as well, especially on our last night in town.
For anyone who knows these kids – take a minute (or 6) and watch the cute video that Natalie put together (quickly before we packed the computer).  You can watch them grow up before your eyes.  My favorite part is watching David and Kimberly together – they have such a sweet brother/sister relationship.  See how his arm is always around her, protecting her like a big brother should.  Also notice how they are usually playing outdoors – it’s not secret that this is where I like to see my kids.  (Blee is what David called Kimberly when they were babies and he couldn’t pronounce her name.  Almost 14 years later it seems to have stuck.)  click here: Eagle/Medallion Slide Show


There were Three Musketeers, why
can’t I find the photo with Sheadan?
Serving Mom and Dad
an anniversary dinner

Kimberly’s Young Woman Medallion, or Young Woman Recognition Award, is something to be proud of.  It is something that the girls at church begin to work on when they are 12.  In the past they had to finish it by the time they were 18, but it is now open to all women.  I earned one when Jackie earned hers, and again with Kimberly.  I thought I would try to get three with my three girls, but I managed two with an Honor Bee – so I am aware of how much work these can take.  I want to briefly explain what this award entails.
There are 8 “Values” that the girls learn about and incorporate into their lives.  These are:

  • Faith ~ learning to trust in our Savior, Jesus Christ
  • Divine Nature ~ we are all daughters of God
  • Individual Worth ~ each of us is very important to our Lord
  • Knowledge ~ we must participate in learning at every level
  • Choice & Accountability ~ we are free to make choices but must accept consequences
  • Good Works ~ service to others brings joy to everyone
  • Integrity ~ we must be as good as our word
  • Virtue ~ our thoughts/behavior must be based on high moral standards


Another road trip

With each of these values, the girls must complete six “experiences” and a 10 hour project.  Experiences include a wide range of activities, studying, service, learning/teaching, etc.  Completing eight 10-hour projects is very impressive.   The entire program is called Personal Progress and it is aptly named.  My sister told me that she is never a better person than when she is actively working on her Personal Progress.    Just like a grown man who has earned his Eagle Scout award will almost always stand out, so will a woman who has taken the time to develop her mind, her talents, her spirit and learned to care for others through Personal Progress.  The Honor Bee I mentioned is an additional award that is available to girls and women who have completed Personal Progress – it has several requirements which include 40 hours of service.

Holding hands along the way

So today I am just celebrating Young Women and Scouts and my children and brothers who put their arms around their sisters and playing outdoors and friends who help you pull off big events on the day you move away and that I managed to bake 90+ rolls for a dinner tonight and none of them burned and my husband’s trip next week just got shortened by a day and that I can see my trash can blew over but didn’t spill and… that there is always something to smile about!

Nathan and Greg are both Eagle Scouts
(They set this goal at a young age)

AND everyone celebrate that at this very moment – 1,000+ miles away, Greg is having his chemotherapy port removed!  That means that he is over 6 months post chemo and cancer-free!  Let’s keep it that way!  He’s happy because it has added another port to his collection.  I am thinking that two is a large enough collection!

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