Thanksgetting?? No!!!

It’s Thanksgetting!  This is what I heard when I was put on hold during a phone call with Verizon this week.  My stomach just felt sick as I realized what they were saying.  ThanksGETTING??  Ugh.  Disgusting.
Last year was the first time I had heard of shopping on Thanksgiving – we were in  Utah and while driving our sons back to their apartments we passed two Walmarts that could be seen from the freeway.  The parking lots were completely full and there were police officers with flashing lights to keep the peace.  I couldn’t believe it! – People couldn’t take a day off from shopping??
I am not a shopper, though I do love a great deal!  I do not, however, venture out on Black Friday.  It sounds like a nightmare to me.  I do enjoy stories from my friends of their adventures and bargains… I just do not wish to join them.
I certainly Thanksgiving as a day to be with family and friends, and to eat good food.  After hearing the Verizon ad I thought that I might focus too much on the food and not enough on the giving of Thanks.
My sister posted this yesterday:

And this is what stands out to me:
~ all business and labor be suspended after 10 o’clock 
~people assemble at their respective places of worship and instruction and devote the day and evening to holy praise, and prayer, and patriotic song and story
~ that the young may be inspired with lofty purpose
~ many may feely bestow from their abundance material aid to the few among us who are in need
~Christian charity and brotherly love may ever abide as the chief cornerstone of the Commonwealth
There is nothing here about GETTING!!
We had 27 people at our home yesterday.  Several family members and dear friends – and as my nephew offered a blessing on the food ~ I felt so grateful for each of them that I was very near tears. (Whew, that would have spoiled a few appetites.)  I have everything to be thankful for – and I feel it deeply… yet I did not even approach the ideals that are spelled out in this 1889 proclamation.  Nevertheless it was an incredible evening – there are so many people on the planet that I love so much!
I have nothing more to say on this matter.  
Thankful for potluck also!
Good home cooked food!!


We ended up with 17 pies!
Another reason to be


Thankful for those who joined us!

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