Holding My Breath… until morning!

These photos are about five years old and I have posted them
before, I wanted to show them to a friend and I am traveling
and cannot access them – so here they are again!


They go along with my post – see how we are all together
and smling in both photos – (Nathan is in the Philippines)
The second photo is taken in the winter with no leaves and
no hair, the night ended, morning came…
leaves and hair returned… deep breath!

On Monday Greg went to Huntsman for his final chemotherapy.  In a couple hours he will be de-accessed – and complete six months of treatment.
I realize I have been holding my breath… for six months!  With this final tube removal I can breathe more deeply.
Greg sent a text on Monday saying that this treatment has gone by quickly and has gone by very slowly – I can totally relate.  He also sent me the following, “Night always becomes morning if the night is long enough.”
The final words about night being long enough don’t need to be there – night does always become morning… and some nights seem really, really long.  Right now Mark and I are in Texas – we have not yet figured out the hotel thermostat and last night was very long, hot and uncomfortable.  This morning I am up and refreshed – but I just know last night was longer than usual!  Chemotherapy is a “night” that seems longer than usual… yet here we find ourselves once again with the sun rising and a new day beginning.  The promise of a sunrise is a beautiful and powerful component of our life here on Earth!

David flew to Utah and was able to be with
Greg for his final treatment!

I find I am still holding my breath on many other issues… my sweet little friend has had a return of her brain tumor and are waiting to hear if she can be part of a study for a possible cure… Jackie had an MRI last week but we have to wait until the 19th to hear her results… we are meeting our realtor in an hour to see if we can find a home for our family here in Dallas…  School is starting in a few weeks and I don’t want to give up summertime and playing with my kids…
Still holding my breath – I am picturing the promise of sunrise… I am picturing the promise of “entering into the rest of our Lord” – I believe that it is not until we are in His presence and it is his Light that greets us that we will truly be able to breathe deeply and know that all is truly well.  Until that day – I will breathe the best that I am able, surrounded by loved ones supporting each other through our long nights and celebrating each sunrise together.

2 thoughts on “Holding My Breath… until morning!

  1. What a great experience it has been to drive Greg to Salt Lake for his treatments. He has handled all this with strength and positive attitudes. We have become close through our visits in the car and sitting at the Huntsman while he was infusing. Hopefully it will be many years or never that he has to go through this again.


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