Why Me?

Why me?  Usually this seems to indicate someone feeling sorry for themselves and their circumstances.  I’ve been there a time or two, as has everyone I know.
Why Greg?”  That was a question I had in the similar state of mind one day in Autumn of 2010.  I was outside when I looked up at Greg’s bedroom window – he had been on chemotherapy for a couple weeks.  We were home from the hospital and I knew he was lying asleep in his bed.  He was very sick and weak – and the anti-nausea meds we had at the time were playing tricks with his mind.  It was just awful – It was definitely a “Why me… Why Greg?” moment.  He was such a good kid; always happy and helpful, setting goals for his life, etc.  Looking up at his window, I had a good cry… one of my better ones in fact.  Looking back – this was probably the beginning of change in myself…
At this point we were trying very hard to be positive and upbeat, and doing a pretty good job of it.  Embracing the situation, being grateful for this trial –this had not yet happened.  Then it did – I have written about this many times.

The sunrise on the way to Chemo

I went beyond knowing that this would turn out well in future years – I learned for myself that this could be well right now; all could be well in the present.  If I was going to be thankful for this later on, I was going to be thankful for this in the present.  After several attempts over a period of days I was able to pray and give heartfelt thanks that my son was able to have this experience.
And I meant it.
So do I still ask, “Why me?”  Sure, but in a new way with a new emphasis.  “Why” is a great question, but how about asking it and really meaning it… Take it deeper! Why?  Why this?  Why now?  Why not?  What am I supposed to learn?  How am I supposed to behave?  How do I need to change?  Who needs my attention? How will I be able to help others with my new-found knowledge and experience?
There are a lot of questions that go along with that Why?

Huntsman chemo infusion unit

What if there is no major life trial happening at the moment?  When life seems easy, do we ever ask why me?  Why?  Why are things going so well?  Why are awful things happening to other people but not to me?  Here is a chance to use the “who” question… Who around me is having trials?  Who needs my help?  How can I use  my time to brighten someone’s day.  How shall I use this time to prepare for whatever is over the horizon.

Greg’s fantastic view during Chemo

Enduring it Well – this is a radio program that I listened to a couple days ago.  I came in on the end… they were interviewing a man who was severely burned.  He said that everyone has trials, but some of them are very obvious.  He felt that those of us who have obvious trials have a responsibility to speak about it and share what we learn in order to help the majority whose trials are hidden.  I was so excited to hear him say that.  I have a very obvious trial.  I also have some that are not so obvious and I would not be comfortable discussing in public.  The strength I receive in being a mother of cancer-kids spills over and helps me in my other trials.  I hope that it can spill over and help my friends in all of their hidden trials as well.
If life has a purpose (and it does), then there is a purpose for our trials.
Why?” is a good question, especially without the whine…

Take one home today!

Speaking of not whining – let’s check in on Greg.  He began chemotherapy yesterday morning.  He had a two hour infusion and then brought home a 48 hour infusion in a fanny pack to carry around for awhile…
…drum roll…

Greg sent me a screenshot of his
texting with one of his bishopric
member’s wife.  I thought this was
so sweet!  Thank you!!

He is feeling great!  He texted me last night that, although he had not eaten anything at the hospital, when he got home he reported, “I have a huge appetite.  I ate almost a whole pizza.  I had pudding. Candy. Chips.   And I don’t feel bad at all.  Being at home helps with sick feelings”
Has a mother ever been so pleased to have her child eating pizza, pudding, candy and chips?

Halfway done- there is a
hard ball in the center.

Greg has enough experience with anti-nausea pills to be able to manage this —so far so good.  Another bonus – the chemotherapy is clear.  Last time there was one that was off-color.  I won’t say the color because we try not to think of it… As he got progressively more sick the nurses would fill his hospital room with spearmint scented cotton balls before he was admitted.  We carried mint gum to sniff just in case… but the moment that off-colored chemo made it on the scene… ugh!  Let’s not talk about it.
Anyway, the good news is that he is doing well.  I am humbled and grateful for the prayers of so many.  I have received many answers to my question of Why – and they are all good.  I will surely learn many more in the future.  We CAN be grateful for our trials!

Blogging question?  I have had so many people tell me that they comment on this blog but it never works.  Almost a year of blogs and only a few comments, but several people that try… who can tell me how to leave a comment?   I would love to have comments to read!

8 thoughts on “Why Me?

  1. Thanks for your ever optimistic and uplifting messages, Corinne. I'll be thinking about you and Greg and your family tomorrow during Fast Sunday. There is a lot going on in your life. And prayers always help. So, in order to comment, I just clicked on a link that said “No Comments” (which is a weird link to have to click on in order to comment). I'm signed into my Google account right now, so that might make it easier for me to comment. Not sure.


  2. BTW Commenting from my smartphone is glitchy. It used to not work at all, but now I'm always signed into google it seems better. Unless I want to edit. Then it doesn't work so sometimes I give up. :-/


  3. This is for sure a gift you have…expressing your profound feelings in writing. About 3 yrs ago a read a lot of obituaries…and I read one that said that we are obligated to share with others…how we went and learned from this life. So thank you for sharing why you blog. It gives us hope and tips to go through trails. Aren't we suppose lift one another? Gracias!


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