Yesterday we were feeling stress – that heaviness that feels like the first day of school.  It actually grew worse as the week wore on – we spent the afternoon trying to distract ourselves, so the day turned out quite well.  Last night after prayers and a blessing we felt much better.  In fact, we packed and went to bed like normal… a bit too much like normal because we didn’t even set an alarm!  What a relief that we are used to waking up at 0530!  We hurried and got out the door on time – traffic wasn’t bad and we arrived 20 minutes early.  They were ready for her in MRI so they took her early… things were moving right along… and now here we still are.  Our 0930 start time isn’t going to happen.  The case before her is going long – she doesn’t even have an IV yet, so hurry up and wait.
We were taken to MRI by the Navigation Guy (I don’t remember his title).  He explained that it is a short (10 minute) MRI which will feed the computer all of Natalie’s measurement and create a “virtual Natalie”.  He will be in charge of navigation and will guide Dr. Selden through the real Natalie via the virtual Natalie.  Pretty cool.
This is our first time to have surgery through the pediatric hospital.  Greg came here for some minor procedures, but otherwise the kids have gone through OHSU.  This is nice – when Jackie and Greg had surgery they had to get permission to let both parents come to the waiting area.  Here they have plenty of chairs so that even Jackie (who will hang out with us today) is allowed back.  They also have numbing cream on both of Natalie’s hands and arms so that they can draw blood and start an IV with no pain, not even a lidocaine shot. CHAP is in the waiting area until noon so that we can make a beading project when we go back out (unless we are still waiting back here until then). We did have a good giggle when she turned on her television.  (see photo)

Before the MRI we were watching Toy Story II in the waiting room.  When we came back the sound wasn’t working, but we watched the end of it.  It looked like it was going to be starting over and Natalie wasn’t looking forward to looking at it again.  I turned to her and told her that it could be worse… we never liked check-in days on the oncology ward when they played Shrek. She laughed and as I turned around… there on the screen… Shrek appeared. Ugh – luckily there was no sound.
IV is started.  Should be about 45 minutes….  We are happy, peaceful, and having a nice morning.  No worries!


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