Awake and Responding to Commands…

It is 3:20 – Natalie is still in surgery – they called us about an hour ago and told us to expect another hour.  I have been well distracted by remembering that Jackie needs to register for classes tomorrow.  When Nathan was a freshman we forgot to register and he ended up with classes like Ancient Greek – yikes.  It took us quite awhile to log in because we couldn’t remember her password and didn’t want to change it – our home computers have it “memorized” – I know how to help navigate the BYU website but we are still figuring out the BYUI registration process….
I forgot to mention earlier that Dr. Selden felt that her tumor had “plumped up” a bit.  The radiologist, however, felt that the measurements were the same as last time.  We are all hoping that the radiologist is correct.  Dr. Selden said he was secretly hoping that it would show shrinkage and therefore not even be a tumor – that didn’t happen.
I am now going to go back to helping Jackie with her class schedule – suddenly writing about Natalie is bringing O.R. images that I would rather not have…

4:10 – still in surgery.  The color code chart has changed from green to yellow which means that they are “nearing completion”
I am thinking that all four children will be missing tonight’s piano recital.  Mark thought he and Jackie would be on their way home by now.  The other children took their piano books and nice clothes to their friends’ house in preparation.  I am afraid that we have not done well in our piano practice lately, so their teacher may just be as relieved as the children!
Let’s see… this morning they asked Natalie to fill out a questionnaire for her chart so that her caregivers to know her better.  Here are a few of the questions with her answers:
I am comforted by:   Positive attitudes!
Things I like to talk about:  Anything to makes me smile
When I am anxious or upset, this is what helps:  You NOT being anxious or upset
When I am hurting, this is what I do or words I say: …ouch…it hurts??
The most important thing to me (or my family) today is:  me not dying
That about wraps it all up…
…It is 4:24…
4:30 – Dr. Selden just came.  Natalie is waking up and responding to commands.  He said that what he was seeing through microscope corresponded with the computer readings so he is confident that they got it all.  He definitely saw tissue that was abnormal compared to the surrounding cortex.  He also took some of the cortex that he felt was not quite normal.  The frozen section didn’t tell them much, he hadn’t expected it to.  He said that if the lab doesn’t have conclusive findings he will have it sent to San Francisco, or wherever he feels that there is a Li Fraumeni specialist that can look at it more closely. If she is eating well she will be able to go home tomorrow.  We are just waiting for a chance to be called to recovery to see her…

4 thoughts on “Awake and Responding to Commands…

  1. Corinne, hang in there!! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Sweet Natalie is in our prayers today. I'm glad they got that tumor out of her head! I don't like that it looked abnormal…that's a little scary. But what a relief that it is out. Here's hoping for a quick recovery! Give Natalie our love!

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  2. I was drivivg past the hospital about 4:00 and I tried to call you, I had been thinking about Natalie all day and hoping my schedule would give me time to stop in,:-) but I was driving Jumby and I was really nervous about trying the parking garage with him!
    Now I am glad I kept going. I am glad it is over, hopefully she will be home tomorrow please tell her I love her and I am glad she is alive, I will bring her whatever she desires if she comes home tomorrow!

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