You Are My Sunshine

The sun is shining in the Pacific Northwest and we were actually able to enjoy it, just a bit!  Our nurse was only too happy to ask permission to unhook Jackie from her monitors and take us for a little walk through the hospital and out to a veranda.  It was so clear that we were able to see Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and just the tip of Mt. Adams.  All beautiful, snowcapped volcanoes.  What a fantastic place we live!
So – there really wasn’t too much to unhook by this afternoon.  Her room is nice and quiet without the noise of the ventilator and suction.  They removed her arterial line this morning.  It will need to go back into the femoral artery tomorrow.  Usually they don’t have a problem placing an arterial line, but we counted 18 puncture marks on her wrists this morning.  We asked the anesthesiologist when he visited today.  He said they were able to hit the arteries a couple times, but then couldn’t thread the tubing.  They even had ultrasound come in for placement – here they saw that her anatomy is just a bit unusual.  Really?  What a shock?!  Anyway, with that out she could sit in a chair.


Her central line is unhooked, her two IVs are unhooked, the catheter was removed… so it was only the EKG and blood pressure cuff that needed to come off.  Walking through the busy hospital in a gown with yesterday’s braid and tubes sticking out of your neck may not be that appealing to most 17 year old girls.. but this girl was all over it!  Our ICU room is one of the only ones without a window – really like a cave (especially with the overactive air conditioner).  We went on a second walk this afternoon and almost pushed people off the elevator in our eagerness for fresh air. Ahh, I love the great outdoors (you take what you can get)!

hugs and kisses

We have had some visitors who have truly brightened our day and contributed generously to our snack supply, with plenty of chocolate… exactly what two ladies living in a cave need to survive!  We have had our other children entertained, transported, and even tutored.  Our freezer is stocked up with meals for the coming week.  The prayers of countless friends… and friends of friends… have blessed our lives with contentment.  We are quite at peace and we have not had a worry for tomorrow.  Jackie continues to be in good spirits; she is courageous and calm. I am happy today because I wore a sweatshirt and brought a blanket to combat the cold.  Mark is happy because he had a quiet house to himself and was able to take advantage and catch up on work.  We are excited for him to bring the kids tonight for a visit.

Yesterday’s episode has only confirmed to us that we are in the Lord’s care.  All support and encouragement confirms the same.

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