He Makes Me Smile

He Makes Me Smile

Well, this is a kind of fun and interesting moment in my day.  Here is am sitting next to Mark in the family waiting area and he is reading my blog for the first time.  I think he is about the last of all my friends (and he is my best friend) to read it.  He is chuckling and I am trying to think of what I have written that is so amusing.  I wonder if his ears are burning while I type about him.
Hmmm, I am thinking that I should plan to devote a lot of blog posts to him over the years because he is my favorite subject.  If this blog is about my life and all of the wonderful things that happen to me – he tops the list.  I know my morning was going well, but when he arrived and sat beside me it all got just a little brighter.  I want to get this little blog post published before he is done reading…

addendum – well, good thing I said all of those nice things, because he is now editing for me.  I really don’t mind because I am constantly finding typos that other people make and it drives me crazy… so I have gone back and fixed them as he shows them to me –Now, he knows how much I just love to be corrected, so he is being very diplomatic— luckily we both know that I would be correcting him in a heartbeat (and without so much diplomacy). He does promise to not suggest ways to “reword” it – I told him that is good because this is just me talking. So I am smiling.  We both are.  (Otherwise I wouldn’t mention it.)

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