Joy in the Journey

Here is a rock that I keep on my kitchen counter.  I made these several years ago for the young women at church to remind them that life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.  The rock also serves as a reminder.  It relates back to the story of the girl who was hiking too quickly so her friends put rocks in her backpack to slow her down.

While Greg was undergoing chemotherapy, I wrote the following:
Joy in the Journey:  our family Rock with this statement reminds us that life is a Journey, but we can enjoy ourselves along the way.  As we hike we sometimes hit rough spots and difficult inclines, but also beautiful meadows and lakes.  The enjoyment of the latter is increased by experiencing the difficulties along the way.  The words have been put onto the Rock because of the story of the girls with rocks in her backpack.  We need to not put rocks into our backpack (thus making the journey more difficult) – this is done by negative thoughts about ourselves and others, unhealthy choices, anger, etc.
My favorite part of keeping a journal is re-reading my entries later.  I often think, “Wow!  I wrote that?  Hmmm, I need to be more like I used to be…”  In this last paragraph my favorite part was the idea that we appreciate the beauty of the lakes/meadows more if we have gone through difficulties to get there.  I am sitting here thinking of how to apply that thought in so many different areas of my life.  I think that I will go and make my children listen to me talk about it.  They may roll their eyes, but at least one of them should remember it later on…
I just have to add this photo of Jacqueline and Natalie.  It is one of my favorites – and here they are walking down the street, holding hands, and Jackie has a backpack (with no rocks)… perfect.

One thought on “Joy in the Journey

  1. I love reading your posts and the pictures of the girls when they are so young are adorable! Reading about how you turn to the Lord for strength during these trials is very faith-promoting. Praying so much for Jackie and tomorrow's surgery.


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