Why Blog?

Why am I Blogging?
  I graduated with a BS in Nursing from Brigham Young University and soon began working as a circulating nurse in the operating rooms at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.  I loved my job and the people I worked with.  There were, however, a couple things that left me feeling unsatisfied with working.  
  First of all, I longed to be back in the school environment.  I wanted to return and complete a masters degree, not necessarily in nursing.  So much to study and learn, I had only scratched the surface!  Graduating while my sweet husband was just beginning graduate school himself, we knew one of us needed to begin earning some money, and I was content.
  More importantly, I gave birth to my first child, Nathan, just a week after graduation.  I began work when he was just four weeks old.  What I really longed to do was stay home with him full time.  When he was a year old we decided we could back to a student budget and I cut my hours to part-time.  A second son, Greg, joined us and when he was a year old my husband completed his studies, we moved to the Pacific Northwest, and I began my career as a stay-at-home mom.  
  Within 10.5 years of graduating I was the mother to six beautiful children and never have regretted my decision to be home with them.  I no longer felt a need to return to school full-time, but it took quite awhile for the desire for more formal education to diminish (put on hold actually).  Over the years, however, I came to realize that I was living the dream and learning opportunities abounded!  I was constantly learning ways to improve myself and my family, my marriage and my home.  I read out loud to the children regularly for so many years, we lost track of how many books, but they were all good and we learned together.  We have listened to countless audio books.  We love to spend time together in the kitchen and try new recipes.  We love to travel and see new things.  Every Monday night we dedicate to being together to learn from each other – we study gospel topics, manners and social etiquette, music, family history, school subjects, the outdoors, new games and activities, and of course eat good food.
  My life is a classroom.  I learn new things all the time.  I learn from books, from friends, from relationships, from the scriptures, from experience, from the internet… Occasions to learn surround me and I love it when I grab them; but I needed a place to put them.  I do keep a journal, but I wanted to be able to jot down my thoughts in an organized way whenever I wanted to… thus (though I resisted for years), I have officially become a blogger.